100% Organic

Our farm has been growing organically since 1987 and is proud to be certified organic by USDA. 100% of the produce we deliver is certified organic.

Largest Organic Mangosteen Farm in Thailand

Our organic farm spread of over 300 acres or 1,214,056 Square Meters located in Trats province.

Our story

We are the leading producer of  Organic Mangosteen in Thailand as we have the biggest farms in located in Trat province. Our orchard is known as “A & P Orchard 1959”. Our plantation has been visited by many people around the world. As our farms are so big we have raw materials to create our products year round. We produce many products from Mangosteens such as Mangosteen Juice 100% from Mangosteen flesh for a healthy drink due to the many benefits to your immune system working smoothly.

30+ years of experiences

Being in the business since 1987, we enjoy a strong legacy spread over more than 30 years.

Modern Technology and Innovative Product

Through our modern technology and innovation, we widen our product line from fresh mangosteen fruits to snacks, drinks, seasoning and supplements.

Organic Products From the Farm

With creativity and innovation, A&P Orchard secures the cultivation of organic mangosteen product in Thailand for future generations.


The sweet and sour, tangy flavor of the white segmented flesh has made it hotly sought-after, although its nutrition qualities are relatively modest.


100% Mangosteen juice is our organic super fruit juice for daily nutrition created from the exotic mangosteen super fruit with rich in xanthones, key ingredients responsible for a multitude of health-supporting benefits.


Produced and guaranteed vacuum freeze dried mangosteen from raw materials to end products absolutely has no additives, preservatives and any flavorings.


Mangosteen Vinegar – Made using high-quality mangosteen, fermented into vinegar, rich in amino acids, with rich health benefits.


Made using high-quality mangosteen, fermented into vinegar, rich in amino acids, with rich health benefits, and finally blended with pure honey and juice.


Mangosteen blended smooth, delicious and yet rich health benefits.


Freshly squeezed from real mangosteen, without adding any artificial flavours, colours , nor preservatives. It has natural dietary fibre often from pulp, meat or seeds of fruits and from NEVER EVER from concentrate.

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Looking to Organic Mangosteen Products?

By promoting organic and natural farming methods, we improve the well-being and dignity of Thai products and ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality and most nutritious foods. We only cultivate, produce, process and sell internationally-accredited and 100% certified organic natural food products.

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